Day Camp Training

New for 2017:  CPR/AED training is now minimum one trained for every 25 people onsite (last year it was 1:40). Key staff* is defined as the camp director, program director, and area leads.  It does not include den walker volunteers, other volunteers assigned to help in the various areas or den chiefs.

Adult Training


Persons required to take the training

Youth Protection Training (YPT) State / BSA

All adults at camp

All adults attending camp must have either Classroom Facilitated Youth Protection Training (YPT) or the new online YPT2 taken after 3/13/18. All volunteers must have a copy of their YPT certificate or a copy on their phone at all times at camp. Inspectors may ask to see the card.  

Day Camp Volunteer Orientation PD-108 All adults at camp
American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED or equivalent SQ-402E Minimum 50% of key staff*, and
minimum one trained for every 25 people onsite

Additional Key Staff Training

National Camp School SQ-402D1 Director and program director

Camp YPT


All key staff*

Update: "The BSA has created this facilitator-led syllabus with accompanying PowerPoint presentation for BSA camp directors and program directors to train camp staff members.  This course covers how to prevent, recognize, respond to, and report inappropriate youth-on-youth behavior.  "Understanding and Preventing Youth-on-Youth Abuse Training for Camp Staff, No. 430-149 replaces Camp Staff Youth Protection Training, No. 430-149 and meets the requirements of NCAP Standard SQ-402 B." The new Understanding and Preventing Youth-on-Youth Abuse Training for Camp Staff material is available at Camp directors are authorized to present this material to their key staff.  Further, camp directors are responsible for the record keeping regarding this presentation, i.e., the camp director will need a copy of the sign in sheet for their records.

Staff Training (stress management and camp security), 10 hours SQ-402D2 All key staff*
Weather Hazard SQ-402F All key staff*
Unlawful Harassment Prevention Training SQ-402G All key staff*

Range Master Training

Range Master Training Shooting Sports Manual Range masters